Yoga For Runner’s Workshop – July 23rd 2016

Discover How Yoga Will Benefit Your Running!

Join Us on Saturday July 23rd from 1-3 PM for our Yoga For Runner’s Workshop.

This 2 hour workshop is tailored specifically toward runners with a special focus on yoga postures and sequences that help prevent injury and take your run game to the next level!  Course will include;

  • Pre-run & Post-run Postures and Sequences.
  • How to add Strength, Balance and Flexibility to your training regimen.  IMG_20160628_183459
  • How to use Yoga to become Faster and Fitter.
  • How to Build Core Strength.
  • The Benefits of Hot Yoga for Runners.
  • The Benefits of Slow Flow or Restorative Yoga for Runners.
  • Demonstrations of all Poses and Sequences.
  • Modifications for all Poses and Sequences.
  • “Hands On” training in all Poses and Sequences.
  • Yoga For Runner’s Guidebook by Modern Yoga.
  • Q/A Session

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We will also discuss the connection between Running and Yoga as a moving meditation.  Runner’s are generally familiar with the “runner’s high”.  We will explore this phenomena and it’s relationship with meditation.  As most of us know,  running faster is as much work physically as it can be mentally.  We will teach methods that have proven successful for many runners in sharpening mental focus before a race.  Achieve that new PR with Yoga!

If you are and avid runner, you should absolutely have a regular yoga practice.  Many of us have discovered the effects running can have on our bodies as we age.  We become injured more often and recovery takes longer, aches, pains and nagging injuries abound.  Yoga has proven effective at building strength, balance and flexibility.  This can prevent many problems with running as you age.

Runner's Yoga Workshop

Yoga for Runner’s Workshop-Modern Yoga


Yoga For Runner’s Workshop will be guided by James Atherton.  James is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and was a competitive distance runner in High School and College. He currently runs several local races each year and keeps running and yoga as part of his weekly fitness routine.