Yoga Basics Is Great for Both the Experienced and Inexperienced Student

Yoga Basics Is Great for Both the Experienced and Inexperienced Student. A Yoga Basics class is probably the most dynamic class that any studio has to offer due to the variety of reasons that students are there.  Of course you’ll see some that are new to yoga, but you’ll also see the very experienced student looking to taking their practice to the next level.

Sound counter intuitive? Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga.

Yoga is a breathing practice. That’s it. Take any class in any studio in any country, stay in child’s pose, breathe with the group and you’ve practiced yoga. A vinyasa class indicates that you will learn to sync the breath with movement.  For each movement there will be either an inhale or an exhale.  The point (or at least one of the points) is to give your mind a break (sounds like meditating, doesn’t it?) and simply focus on your breath.

The “exercise” part of it is a bonus.  For the new student, a basics class can be challenging because the breath focus is new, and loud, and it feels a little weird at first.  The poses may present some challenge, too, even for an athlete.  It’s not all just stretching and bending, strength work goes into these asanas.  But, it usually doesn’t take long to have an “aha” moment. It could be something simple like noticing subtle shifts in balance, strength and focus either on or off the mat, or it could be something intense, like a rush of tears in your first half-pigeon while you can only wonder what the heck is going on.

The experienced yogi, well, he usually takes the Hot Power Classes. He can get to the advanced poses easily and probably has a few cool inversions in his back pocket. He comes for the challenge of slowing down in the basics class. He faces each breath without the distracting intensity of the power pose.  He is finding his way back to the stillness and peace that makes yoga impossible not to incorporate into his life.