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Mary Beth

Position:Yoga Teacher
Experience:RYT 200
I began practicing yoga accidentally about a decade ago, when yoga was the class at the right (convenient) time at my gym. I was lucky enough to cross paths with a true yogi, a teacher who brought me the authentic magic of yoga through breath, movement, and meditative thoughts. I began a daily practice, sometimes with that same teacher, sometimes traveling, and sometimes at home, and ten years later my practice continues to be new to me each day, in that I am still constantly discovering more--to the extent that fear of losing that has kept me from becoming a certified teacher until recently. Yoga has changed my attitude, my peace of mind, my body, and my relationships, and I have realized that I would love to share those benefits with others. In humble hopes of passing on the great gifts of yoga my teachers have shared with me, I completed my 200-hour CYT/RYT teacher training at Chagrin Yoga in early 2016. I love the variety available in modern yoga offerings, so I am not attached to any one discipline, but I prefer finding slow peace in every pose, using breath and meditation to assist asana. My favorite and least-favorite poses change often, which is just another wonderful part of the mystery of yoga. I have been fat and thin, young and older, healthy and injured...and yoga doesn't discriminate. Come and share practice with me!.