Yoga Inversions! 10 Benefits to your Yoga Practice

Yoga Inversions can be a hot topic to a new yogi. Although headstand and handstand may immediately come to mind when you hear the word inversion, you might besurprised to learn that child’s pose, down dog, rag doll, and bridge are inversions, too. You are inverted anytime your head is below your heart. Inversions are a critical aspect of any

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Get Upside Down! Yoga Inversions & Arm Balances Workshop Series

Get Upside Down! Yoga Inversions & Arm Balance Workshop Series With Joyce & James Atherton Part III: Master your approach to inversions with the addition of advanced modifications & arm balances. You will test your limits and take your practice to its full expression in side scissors, flying pigeon, flying lizard and the endless variations of handstand, headstands and forearm balances.

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