Special Guest Hot Yoga Teachers added to our Regular Class Schedule

3 Special Guest Hot Power Yoga Teachers added to our Regular Class Schedule

guest hot yoga teachersMegan Probst is teaching Hot Power Yoga at 6:30PM Thursday, July 6th.

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Megan fell in love with yoga as soon as she stepped on her mat. She immediately noticed healthy changes happening in her mind and body. Yoga has taught her to be open, to let go what no longer serves her and that she is capable of much more than she expected. It didn’t take long for Megan to realize she wanted to teach. She can’t wait to support you on your yoga journey.  Megan is a Free Life People Trained Teacher.  She currently teaches at the Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse in Holland, MI.


Stacy Dockins is teaching Hot Power Yoga guest Hot yoga teachersat 9:30AM on Saturday, July 8th

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Stacy began teaching yoga in 2005. Her journey began with training at Baptiste Power Yoga Institute where she completed certification and went on to work as Program Director for Baptiste programs. Her love of facilitation and teacher training led her to the co-creation of Live Love Teach, an international Teacher Training school, along with co-founder Philip Urso. In 2016 Stacy and her husband Dave, created Free Life People® – school of yoga.  Together, they lead 200 and guest hot yoga teachers500 HR teacher training programs and retreats around the world. Stacy has trained/mentored hundreds of teachers throughout North America and is known to offer continued support with all things teaching yoga and yoga business ventures. Stacy has a true love for learning and teaching anatomy and physiology as it relates to the practice of yoga. She spent extended time training with World-renowned yoga teacher Paul Grilley, deepening her knowledge of Yin yoga and anatomy. She even chose to spend time recently back in the classroom at the University of Texas at Arlington, diving further into the studio of anatomy & physiology and also studying to achieve a Nutritional Therapists Certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association. It is a passion of hers to be in student mode at all times so that she is in continual growth as a teacher. She loves working with private clients, helping them find a yoga practice to support healing through chronic injury and illness. Her biggest joy is found in teaching the regular every day classes.

“It’s in these classes that we see all walks of life, all levels of practitioners, coming from such different places. We all settle into our breath together and the things that separate us seem to disappear momentarily. We never really know what is going to happen or how the class will go, it is spontaneously created in the moment! There is something magical about this on an individual and collective level. It keeps me hopping out of bed every single day because I am so blessed to GET TO TEACH YOGA!” Stacy Dockins

Dave Doguest hot yoga teachersckins is teaching Hot Power Yoga at 10AM on Sunday, July 9th

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My yoga journey started with my wife Stacy taking me to a yoga class. It was hot, crowded and so much harder than I ever thought it would be. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now yoga has become such a huge part of my life that I truly feel like something is missing when I skip or cannot practice. Being ablGuest Hot Yoga teacherse to get on my mat, get into my body and tune into my own guidance system allows me to let go of some of the stresses I’m carrying. Over the years I’ve trained with some amazing teachers, leaders and yogis. The trainings I’ve attended and my practice that I love has given me a new perspective on life and the tools to deal with challenges as they arise. Teaching yoga allows me to share what I’ve learned as well as help people from all walks of life to land in their bodies and step out of the re-occurring thoughts that limit. In 2016, my wife Stacy and I created Free Life People® – school of yoga which is a Yoga Alliance accredited school.  We train brand new and advanced yoga teachers who are wanting to attain a 200Hr & 300Hr (500Hr) certification.  Free Life People® also holds retreats and trainings open to everyone regardless if you’re wanting to teach yoga. When I’m not in the studio or working on Free Life People programs, I’m spending every minute possible with my wife Stacy and my kids Jake, Kera and Luke. I also enjoy cooking, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.


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