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30 Days Unlimited Yoga, Choose from any of our over 43 weekly yoga classes. Hot Power Yoga, Slow Flow, Warm Flow and much more!
Any Day, Any time. Invest in Yourself today!

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You don’t have to be flexible. You don’t need the latest, greatest, most expensive yoga clothes. You just have to show up. You are the most important part of your practice.

We Love Beginners!

At Modern Yoga, any class is open to beginners. Yoga is a physical, mental and emotional journey, and you can start wherever you are. If you’re new to class, tell the instructor. If you’re injured or recovering from an injury, tell the instructor.

Begin your Yoga journey of discovery…

Come for the Workout, Stay for the Yoga!

There are many benefits to yoga.  Improving your Strength, Balance and Flexibility are the main reasons many Yogi’s start their practice.  Yoga is a workout that focuses on the Mind and Body.  Discover why yoga is an ancient practice that is still evolving & growing!  Our New Student Special is a great way to start your practice.  Just $39 for 30 days unlimited yoga!  Join us for a class today!

Expierenced & Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers.

A wide variety of teaching styles and yoga class types.

Learn how yoga can relieve anxiety and stress.

Join our growing, vibrant and welcoming yoga community!

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Modern Yoga Book Club This Month’s Book:  Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner Next Meeting on  Tuesday September 11th at TBD Want to Join our Book Club?  Sign up  on our Facebook group page here. If you have a favorite book you want to share with the...

A few words from our members…


Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 I absolutely LOVE your studio. I visited 5 other local studios trying to decide where I wanted to go to expand my practice. I feel so comfortable and connected at your studio. Your instructors are top notch and I learn something new every time I come to my mat. I am so happy I found your studio Lysa


Every class I have taken has been incredible. Each instructor has their own way to lead you to your “happy place.” As a CrossFit athlete, Modern Yoga has provided me such a great switch-up and new adventure. Thank you � Else


The best classes, I’ve taken the hot, power and slow flow… love the teachers and the classes. They help guide you through it all…give it a try! Kathy


Believe I found THE BEST hot yoga in town! Love the adjustments done, the cold rag, the mini massage, the instructors and owners!
It’s a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone! ��� Lisa


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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m New to Yoga, What Should I Expect?
Congratulations! And welcome. Expect a warm, friendly, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Start wherever you are. You don’t have to know the poses or get them right. Focus on your breath and the rest will come. You will be challenged. The benefits include strength, flexibility, balance, toned muscles and possible weight loss.
What Should I Bring?
If you have a mat, bring it with you. If not, no worries, we have mats for sale and rental. We recommend bringing a hand-towel and some water.
What should I wear?
Dress comfortably. Synthetic material is recommended, especially if you’re coming to a Hot Power class. Cotton will get sweaty and heavy. For ladies, yoga pants are recommended. For men, lined shorts or yoga pants are recommended. We use our own body for resistance, it’s hard to grip on sweaty skin.
Can I Eat Before Class?
It’s best to have a light snack within the hour before class.
When Should I Show Up
Show up about 15 minutes early if it’s your first class. Once you get used to the studio and the practice, try to be on your mat at least a few minutes before class begins. We understand that things happen, if you come late, please check in and quietly enter the studio.
How Often Should I Practice?”
You can practice every day, but it’s up to you. As you develop a deeper sense of awareness through your practice, your body will tell you what you need and we will be ready for you.
Why the Heat?
There are many benefits of practicing in a heated studio. You will get deeper into your muscles and gain a wider range of movement. You will sweat and the heat will help prevent injury. And, it feels amazing! Not all heating systems are the same. At Modern Yoga we use Infrared heat panels and a steam generator. This has proven to be the most therapuetic and beneficial way to heat a yoga studio. Our eco friendly system will create a healthy sweat and help in de-toxifying your body.