Join Us Sunday Mornings for the Modern Yoga Run Club!

Modern Yoga Run Club.

Join Us for a Run and Some Yoga!

Starting April 23rd, we will meet each Sunday morning at the studio at 9:10 am and head out for a 3-mile run.
This is a no cost, no obligation group.   We have created a Facebook group to handle messages and updates.

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You have the options of taking Hot Slow Burn at 8 am, Hot Power at 10 am*, or just run with us. Try them out and see what feels best for you!

We’ll participate in 1 organized race per month:
Here are our Races Thus Far…
1. May 20th: St. John Neumann 5K
2. June 17th: Ohio City Run & Crawl
3. July 22: Strongsville’s Race for Wellness
4. August: tbd
5. September: tbd

*Normal Yoga classes costs apply to all classes.  See our pricing for details.