Modern Yoga Beginners Workshop with Joyce & James

We Love Beginners!  

Modern Yoga Beginners Yoga Workshop on Saturday 06/23/18 from 1 – 3 pm.

Beginners Workshop registration is only $20 with early registration, $30 on the day of the event.


Our popular Beginners Yoga Workshop is great for All Levels of practice.  Space is Limited to this popular workshop so please RSVP!

James & Joyce

E-RYT & Owners of Modern Yoga, Registered Yoga Alliance RYS 200
We will start at the beginning in this workshop by covering the basic principles of yoga. The significance of establishing a breathing practice and connecting that breath to your movement will be explained. Your teacher will provide verbal cues, explain common yoga terminology and demonstrate every posture of the sun salutations, explore balancing poses, open up the heart and sink into the hips. You will get immediate, useful feedback on how to build the foundation of your practice. You may even find yourself upside down!

Come prepared to have fun and learn something new about yourself. Bring a mat if you have one, we have plenty if you don’t. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and leave your shoes at the studio door.

This workshop is geared for the new yogi, but is open to all, even the most advanced practitioner. We will start this beginners workshop with a brief introduction on the history of yoga. We will then take you through a typical vinyasa flow one step at a time.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga. We can’t wait to meet you!

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has both preventative and therapeutic benefits, it has has been shown to offer both physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind.  A few of the many physical benefits yoga are:

  1. Improved flexibility and muscle joint mobility
  2. Strengthened and toned muscles
  3. Healthy posture
  4. Strengthened spine
  5. Reduction in back pain
  6. Improved muscular-skeletal condition
  7. Improved balance and grace
  8. Improved breathing capacity
  9. Encourages weight loss

The Mental Benefits of Yoga

  1. Increased body awareness
  2. Change and relief of chronic stress patterns in the body
  3. Refreshed body by relieving muscle strain
  4. Relaxed mind
  5. Centered attention & sharpened concentration
  6. Stress reduction & management
  7. Have Fun!
  8. Join our growing Yoga Community!