Mindful Yogic Conditioning: Deeper Secrets of Yoga with Michael Lübbert

Mindful Yogic Conditioning: Deeper Secrets of Yoga

With Michael Lübbert

Breathe new life into your practice, experience your poses in new ways while they take more expressive forms. Great for all levels of practitioners.

Saturday 2/10/18  from 1PM to 3PM

Michael Lübbert RYT

Michael Lübbert is a RYT Yoga Instructor from Pittsburgh. He trained at the

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About this workshop:

In my dedicated 10+ year Yoga practice, I’ve encountered many different ways to yield results. Some of the most powerful poses and techniques are found in a standard Yoga class, however many are not.

Saturday, 2/10, I’ll be sharing the best of all the Yoga tips, tricks, and lesser known practices that I’ve discovered in my expansive studies. We’ll use highly efficient physical conditioning techniques to gain a better grasp of how powerful we can be and alive we can feel when we are truly calm

and focused.  I’ve used this practice to transform not just my body, but vastly more important, my mind, my heart, all the relationships in my life… The practice of Yoga is far, far more than physical fitness, I’m grateful to get an opportunity to share what I’ve discovered and hopefully spark a greater realization of the light within you. My job as a teacher is to help initiate and speed up the process of my students’ learning while I simultaneously continue to learn. I’m excited to explore this intention with the amazing yoga community that Joyce and James have built at Modern Yoga.

Workshop will include:

  • Five Tibetan Rites
  • Wall Walks
  • Highly effective conditioning exercises that rapidly build strength, flexibility, raise energy levels, and focus the mind.
  • Tried and and true techniques that have shaped world class athletes as well as helped those recovering from injuries.

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About Michael Lübbert

Michael helps his students to transcend the physical practice and make positive shifts in their lives. Practicing for nine years and teaching since 2011, he completed his first 200 hour training with Yoga to the People in NYC, his 500 hour training with Philip Urso and Live, Love, Teach, with whom he is presently a facilitator-in-training. Since, his expansive studies has led him to Lebanon, Hawaii, and New York while continuously teaching group and private classes in his hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. He seizes every opportunity to share the beauty that Yoga has helped him to experience.

Michael’s practice and teaching ability are versatile but always centered on breath and mindfulness. He teaches several different styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga and meditation including his signature style called Synchronized Vinyasa which unifies the entire class in a state of flow, with a moving meditation linked to pranayama.

Michael is the 2016 an 2017 USA Yoga Asana Championship PA state champion. When not on the mat, Michael is a musician and poet. As a performer he has opened up for national acts such as The Flaming Lips, Wiz Khalifa, and Andrew WK.

Michael’s classes are powerful, highly effective and most importantly, fun. Michael’s philosophy is that of Namaste, Unconditional Love for All. You can really feel this in one of his classes; he sees and helps to bring out the best in you.

Bring your limiting personality patterns to light and laugh. The ability to laugh at yourself is empowering and healing. Never take yourself or anything in life gravely serious. If you do, you will suffer and cause more stress to those around you. Beyond the effective and sustainable physical benefits of Yoga. We have a chance to really evolve our true potential mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Within the frame of the physical practice, I teach to this true potential I sense in all my students. Using breath awareness and mindfulness within the physical practice I’ve learned how to alleviate mental / emotional suffering and have let go of judgments and fear. What remains is unconditional love for all.

I Am inspired by ACIM, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, my teachers Philip Urso, Jared McCann, and Mary Jarvis, laughter, nature, beauty and the sound of Ujjayi breath.

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