Friday Free Hot Yoga! Donation Class to support Chelsea Jennings in her Fight against MS

Join us this Friday! Free Hot Yoga Donation Class

Modern Yoga’s Weekly Donation Class on Friday, August 4th will support Chelsea Jennings In her Fight against MS

Although our Friday Night Yoga class is free, we raise money for a different cause, charity, or non-profit each week.

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chelsea jennings

Chelsea Jennings

Help in my Fight with Multiple Sclerosis

(Republished from website.  See original post here)

My name is Chelsea Jennings. 5 years ago, at the age of 21, I suddenly began losing feeling in my hands and feet, experiencing muscle weakness, loss of speech, and became easily confused and experienced short-term memory loss.  That’s when, in August of 2012, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  After my diagnosis I tried several medications, unsuccessfully. I first began taking injections of Avonex and Copaxone, which my body rejected. Next I switched to a pill form medication called Tecfidera. After ending up in the emergency room, I learned that I was allergic to that medication. When I became pregnant with my son, Camden, I took a break from medication and felt better than I’d felt in the last 4 years. Surprisingly, I learned that MS can temporarily go into remission during pregnancy.
Unfortunately, after I had Camden, my symptoms worsened.  When I was too weak to lift my son on his first birthday, I decided that I could no longer be reactive to my disease.
In January 2017, during worsening symptoms, I had an MRI, which revealed that the disease was progressing aggressively. I had new lesions on my brain and the MRI showed that lesions have now spread to my spine.
At that time, the doctors told me that at the rate that my disease was progressing, I would be permanently disabled within one year.
Because my body has rejected, or is allergic to, every other MS medication available, my only remaining option is Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy (HSCT). HSCT is the transplantation of multipotent hematopoietic stem cells, derived from my own bone marrow. This takes place after my immune system is broken down and “reset” by chemotherapy. Basically, they remove some bone marrow from my collar bone, give me chemotherapy treatments to “reset” my immune system, and then reintroduce my own bone marrow back into my body. Wow!
This option is not available to everyone with Multiple Sclerosis and I am so excited that I have been approved to receive this life-changing treatment at Northwestern in Chicago!
Since the recent progression of my illness I constantly experience extreme fatigue, weakened muscles on the right side of my body, loss of sensation on the left side of my body, as well as numbness and tingling in my legs, hands, mouth and have cognitive and memory issues. There are times when I am not even able to pick up my son.
I am so happy that I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity that will change the rest of my life and will allow me to be the active mommy that I want to be for my one year old son, Camden. I could be free of this Monster forever, which will greatly impact the future of my family.
Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by my insurance which faces a huge challenge for my family, friends, and I to come up with. Your help is desperately needed and appreciated!
Thank you so much for reading this and for considering donating!

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