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Yoga Inversions! 10 Benefits to your Yoga Practice

Yoga Inversions can be a hot topic to a new yogi. Although headstand and handstand may immediately come to mind when you hear the word inversion, you might besurprised to learn that child’s pose, down dog, rag doll, and bridge are inversions, too. You are inverted anytime your head is below your heart. Inversions are a critical aspect of any

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Yoga for Football Players ;Essential Yoga Poses for Before and After Play

Yoga For Football Players; 10 Essential Yoga Poses for Before and After Play. Benefits of Yoga for Football Players Adding Yoga to a football teams training will result in improved Strength, Balance, and Flexibility that promotes Control, Focus, and Recovery. Consistent yoga practice will improve strength, balance, and flexibility by teaching the concepts of body control, focus of the mind, and

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Friday Free Hot Yoga! Donation Class to support Joseph’s Home

Join us this Friday! Free Hot Yoga Donation Class Modern Yoga’s Weekly Donation Class on Friday, March 30th will support Joseph’s Home Although our Friday Night Yoga class is free, we raise money for a different cause, charity, or non-profit each week. a $5 donation is suggested. Sign Up Now It Is Our Mission Joseph’s Home, a ministry of the Sisters of

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