Restorative Yoga with Indu Aromatherapy – A Special Class Event at Modern Yoga

Restorative Yoga with Indu Aromatherapy

At Modern Yoga

End Your Thanksgiving Weekend with A Special Yoga Event:

with Stacy Teter & Joyce Atherton

WHEN: Sunday November 26th from 6-7:30 pm

COST: Early bird $25 thru 11/25 | $30 Day Of Workshop

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Restorative Yoga with Indu Aromatherapy

Restorative yoga relieves the effects of stress (from Yoga Journal):restorative yoga

Restorative yoga poses allow the central nervous system to calm while the body is fully supported by props resulting in a deep relaxation. Bring renewal to the mind, body and spirit.

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends……Read more about Restorative yoga here.

Indu Aromatherapy: Indu, Nectar of the Moon


About Indu: A yoga dream comes true…( excerpt from INDULOTION.COM)

When I became a Jivamutki Yoga Teacher, I started exploring essential oils. As a yoga student, while in savasana my teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, would massage a sweetly scented lotion on my neck and it ALWAYS relaxed my busy mind. As I began to teach, my intention was to assist my students into a relaxed state as deeply as my own teachers did for me. I first started massaging pure geranium oil on my students. It smelled great but way too strong and overpowering!Restorative yoga

As I experimented with other essential oils I created the synergy blend that is now Indu. I would sit on my apartment floor in Manhattan, jug of lotion in hand, essential oil beakers everywhere and I would shake, shake, and shake! I hadn’t even planned to mix it with a mantra, but as I began to shainduke the lotion, the mantra began to evolve. Om namah shivaya, om namah shivaya, om namah shivaya, om namah shivaya. Sung to a Krishna Das melody, mantra and lotion mixing were the perfect marriage.

After every yoga class sooooooo many students expressed how much they loved Indu and that after Indu had been massaged on their neck, forehead, or temples they could relax more deeply. They literally “chillaxed”. They all asked where they could buy Indu and so I began to make big batches of it. Today many years later Indu is still made the same way. I mantra mix the Indu with a little help from my mantra mixing friends.  Read More about Indu Here.

The combination of Restorative Yoga and Indu Aromatherapy allows the student to find transformative, deep stillness. An acute physical, emotional and spiritual awareness canRestorative yoga help reduce stress and anxiety.

No experience with yoga or aromatherapy is required. The blocks, bolsters, and Indu provide the effort and support that is needed. Prepare to pamper yourself with a complete mind/body escape.

After a brief presentation by Stacy about Indu Aromathearpy, Stacy will teach a restorative yoga class with Joyce’s assistance.  They will administer Indu Aromatherapy to the practitioners.

Space is Limited so Please RSVP.  

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Stacy Teter RYT


Stacy received her Yoga teacher training at the 200 hour level from Marni Task Yoga in 2014, CYT & RYT. She is a certified personal trainer and an avid athlete/runner for over 30 years. Her yoga training is in Jivasara which is inspired by the styles of Jivamukti & Anusara. Her yoga education includes: anatomy, alignment, hands on adjustments, philosophy, meditation, history & therapeutics.  Learn More about Stacy Here.



Joyce Atherton ERYT


Joyce and her husband own Modern Yoga. She received her yoga teacher training with Live Love Teach and Free Life People school of yoga.  She has taught over 1,200 hours of yoga! She truly believes yoga is for everyone. Joyce is a former figure skater who wishes yoga would have found her in her youth. “Not only would it have made a huge difference on the ice, it would have changed my life.” Learn More about Joyce Here.