A Message from the Owners

We are very excited to open our doors in this wonderful community.  Thank you for all of your feedback and support during these last few months. We look forward to meeting you. It’s been quite a journey for my husband and I.

We’ve been working on getting the doors to Modern Yoga open for over a year now. To say we learned a lot along the way would be a severe understatement. And we were prepared!

Why yoga? It’s so difficult to answer this question with any brevity. Yoga provides a safe environment for you to return to being you. Your mat is place where you can practice living life the way that feels right to you without judgement or fear. The studio is a place where you will connect through breath, which is one of the very few things we all have in common.

James and I are certified through Live Love Teach. We believe that the power of each breath is immense. All beings have breath in common, connecting it to movement can change your world. We look forward to meeting you and witnessing your magic.

Thanks Again!