Restorative Yoga & Reiki Workshop

Restorative Yoga & Reiki Workshop

with Stacy Teter and Gina Tatsumi

WHEN: Saturday Dec. 3rd, 1pm-3 pm
COST: $35 thru DEC. 2nd | $40 drop-in Day Of  Workshop

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Restorative Yoga relieves the effects of stress. Restorative yoga poses allow the central nervous system to calm while the body is fully supported by props resulting in a deep relaxation. Bring renewal to the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is an alternative form of healing known as energy work. People who practice any form of meditation, yoga or prayer can attest to the subtle energy they may feel flowing through


Reiki is an alternative form of healing known as energy work.

them. Ancient knowledge tells of a life force, or Chi that flows through us, and modern science is now beginning to understand that this force is tangible and indeed does exist.

The combination of Restorative Yoga and Reiki allows the student to find a transformative, deep stillness. An acute physical, emotional and spiritual awareness can help reduce stress and anxiety.
No experience with Yoga or Reiki is required. The blocks, bolsters, and energy work will provide any effort that is needed. Prepare to pamper yourself with a complete mind/body escape.

After a brief presentation by Gina about Reiki, Stacy will teach a restorative yoga class. Gina will pull students out, one at a time, to perform Reiki.

Space is Limited so Please RSVP.  Sign Up Here

Gina Tatsumi 

Gina Tatsumi has been practicing Reiki since 2001 and has been a Reiki Master since 2004. She is available for appointment at:

The Reiki Room in Lakewood, Ohio. More information click here



Stacy received her Yoga teacher training at the 200 hour level from Marni Task Yoga in 2014, CYT & RYT. She is a certified personal trainer and an avid athlete/runner for over 30 years. Her yoga training is in Jivasara which is inspired by the styles of Jivamukti & Anusara. Her yoga education includes: anatomy, alignment, hands on adjustments, philosophy, meditation, history & therapeutics.

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