Get Upside Down! Yoga Inversions & Arm Balances Workshop Series

Get Upside Down! Yoga Inversions & Arm Balance Workshop Series

James Joyce

Joyce & James, E-RYT

With Joyce & James Atherton

Our Popular Inversions & Arm Balances Workshop is now a 3 part series. Sign up for the whole course or attend any of the individual workshops!

Part I: The Basics; Tap into the power of gravity! Explore the benefits of getting your legs and heart above your head as you enlist gravity’s force to combat its own downward damage. You’ll start with child’s pose, rag doll, and down dog as you work your way to headstand, crow, tripod, running man and a few more. Set the foundation of your inversion practice here. Perfect for the beginner to advanced yogi. Featuring our Headstand Inversion Chair! Take the fear out of going upside down. When:  9/23/17 | Time:  1 PM – 3:30PM  

Joyce - Forearm Balance

Forearm Balance

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Part II: Beyond Basics; Take your inversion practice to the next level! In this workshop you continue the development of your inversion pratice in poses like side crow, dolphin and forearm balance as you move forward to mastering handstand. Engage in a discussion about facing fear right before you learn how to fall. Students also will discover ways integrate their inversion practice into their daily yoga practice. Perfect for the beginner to advanced yogi. Featuring our Headstand Inversion Chair!

When:  10/21/17 | Time:  1 PM – 3:30PM  

yoga inversion


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Part III: Advanced Inversions; Master your approach to inversions with the addition of advanced modifications & arm balances. You will test your limits and take your practice to its full expression in side scissors, flying pigeon, flying lizard and the endless variations of handstand, headstands and forearm balances. Be ready to get still as we study how to build the strength to hold inversions with confidence, allowing you to take your practice to new depths.

When:  11/18/17 | Time:  1 PM – 3:30PM

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Cost for each workshop is $3o early bird and $35 on the day of workshop.

Take all 3 Workshops & Save! Inversion 3 Pass Pack is only $85!  

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Take your Practice upside down & sideways in these fun workshops!  All levels of students are welcome. Please bring an open mind and a playful spirit!

  • Yoga Inversion Workshop will include:
  • Demonstration of all poses.
  • Hands on assists to help clients find correct alignment of poses for their body.
  • Tips and techniques on how to build the strength and balance to achieve advanced yoga inversions.

Headstand Eagle legs

Headstand-Eagle Legs

Inversions can be a hot topic to a new yogi.

Although headstand and handstand may immediately come to mind when you hear the word inversion, you might be surprised to learn that child’s pose, down dog, rag doll, and bridge are inversions, too. You are inverted anytime your head is below your heart. Inversions are a critical aspect of any yoga practice. And here’s why…… Read More….


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